The Universe in Black and White

A Plain and Simple Illustrated Guide to Time, Space, and the Meaning of Life

Have you ever tried to wrap your head around quantum physics? Have you ever tried to comprehend concepts of time and space that have been popularized by the promoters of the “new physics” and various eastern teachers? If you have, chances are either that your eyes glazed over or you felt as if your head might explode at any moment.

Here for the first time, the concepts that have been propounded by the great thinkers and teachers of the twentieth century are made accessible in an illustrated guide. More importantly, this material is presented in a way that is non-threatening and fun.

Using simple and delightful illustrations throughout, Terry Favour, explores:

  • The paradigm shift that has occurred, whether we are ready or not.
  • How quantum physics and the new technology has challenged our experience of time and space.
  • How the spiritual thought of East and West have melded.
  • The relationship of self to oneness, of form to emptiness.



The Universe in Black and White is a celebration of true intelligence, the active principle that bridges form and emptiness–particles and waves. I love this book because it is visual and beautifully written, a potent bridge between the dimensions. We need this book to comprehend the actual basis of our reality, quantum physics.

This is the first book since Itzhak Bentov’s Stalking the Wild Pendulum that makes the quantum world easily accessible to everyone. A must read!”

Barbara Hand Clow, author of Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

A brilliant tapestry of text and illustrations that joins our inner life experience with cognitive understanding.”

Helen Palmer, bestselling author of The Enneagram

The simple and lovely illustrations throughout are a delight to experience, not just read.”

David Daniels, MD, clinical professor, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford Medical School

Enlivening, inspiring, and moving me toward silence. I love the words and the drawings.”

Gangaji, author of The Diamond in Your Pocket

My delight is that she does, simply enough and with charming pictures on each page, capture the dilemma of our split modern worldview. As one who has pioneered this split {more than 40 years ago with Taking the Quantum Leap, nearly 50 years ago if you count “Space-Time and Beyond,” by Toben, Sarfatti, and Wolf, a cartoon version of the new physics and consciousness} in the first place having put out some of the first books dealing with the quantum worldview in a language gauged for the every-reader, I am happy to welcome her book to the fold which by today has become manifold.”

Fred Alan Wolf, author of Taking the Quantum Leap and Time Loops

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