When the author, Terry Favour, first asked the question “Who Are We?” her very ability to form such thoughts and sentences was just beginning. The failure of those around her to answer back, set her on a quest that would last indefinitely. The process led her across a diversified terrain, weaving back and forth through spiritual philosophy and science, from East to West.

As an adult she has sustained herself and this passion working as an artist and designer, owning and operating a small ethnic arts company with her son, located in Northern New Mexico. In the 1980s she became interested in the Enneagram. In 2004 she and her daughter studied under David Daniels and Helen Palmer and they both became certified Enneagram teachers.

She feels that expanding one’s limitations should be an unending endeavor so she continues this life work every day. It was her grown children who led her to write these three little books, stating that she had a knack for simplifying complicated matters.

She continues to draw and write and she lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband and her cat.